Dr. Luís López-IborPresident

Dear friends & colleagues,

One more year, we have the pleasure to present the IX Neuro Interventional Master Course, “ADVANCES IN NEUROINTERVENTIONAL PROCEDURES” to be held at Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel at the heart of the neighboring of Letters.

Those who already know us and had come to our conventions know that our ultimate goal is the excellence. We break the protocol and approach teachers and students in a relaxed, comfortable and familiar environment where discussions are always open.

As previous years, we present the news in the form of excellence with a masters meeting. The Pioneers of the XXI century. The experts will come from the five continents to give master lectures and talks in a new format close family meeting. I promise to surprise you again.

Organizing Committee wishes you a profitable NeuroIMC meeting.


Dr. Luis López-Ibor on behalf of Organizing Committee.


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